About Us

Cantonese Is Difficult. We Keep It Simple.

Cantonese Corner is 100% dedicated to teaching Cantonese. We exist to help you reach your Cantonese goals in a personal, fun, and rewarding way.

Every Student Is Different. And We Like It That Way.

The first time we meet, we’ll talk about your story. Why you’re in Hong Kong. Why you want to learn Cantonese. What your daily life in Hong Kong is like. Part of what makes our job rewarding is the chance to play a small part of everyone’s Hong Kong story.

We’ll build your lessons around your daily life. Whether you’re looking to get to know your neighbors better, conduct business in Cantonese, or learn useful phrases to make taxi rides and shopping easier, we’ll get you speaking Cantonese.

Help You Take The “Can’t” Out of Cantonese.

Let’s be open about one thing: Cantonese isn’t easy. But at Cantonese Corner, we don’t avoid these difficulties, we tackle them. This is how:

  • We use teaching materials designed to harness your mother tongue (and even your accent). Because you want to sound as local and as natural as possible, you’ll use materials that take into account your existing pronunciation tendencies.
  • We don’t teach you canned phrases. Instead, you’ll formulate your Cantonese sentences using term-to-term parallels so that you’ll know exactly what you say. You’ll never have to memorize a phrase that you don’t understand.
  • We emphasize real life scenarios. Like everything we do well, it’s all about practice, practice, practice. We make sure that what you learn is practical and can actually be practiced in everyday life.
  • We grow with you. You won’t be forced to follow a particular curriculum. We adapt to your needs and encourage continuous feedbacks from you so we can help you focus your efforts on the areas of Cantonese you’re most interested in.

Why Choose Cantonese Corner?

Because we’re 100% focused on teaching Cantonese, we do everything to get you speaking Cantonese quickly and with confidence. At our center, you will:

  • learn to visualize and pronounce Cantonese tones using a system developed especially for English or Mandarin speakers
  • learn accurate, word-for-word translations instead of canned phrases
  • deepen your cultural understanding of Hong Kong to help you know what to say, and when
  • always learn in an environment of patience and encouragement

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