Group Cantonese Class for English Speakers


The group course is a private class that allows you to self-organize your friends, family, or colleagues to learn together. The class materials are tailored for English speakers, providing parallel translations that help you understand on a word-to-word basis.

Why Group Tutoring?

Some students find it more fun and rewarding to learn with people they already know and can interact with.  The group class format allows you to learn in a way that:

  • offers a more traditional classroom environment
  • has a regular, structured schedule that accommodates all students
  • allows you to practice with students who share the same proficiency level as you

Course Description

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, we offers the course you need.  Our free trial lesson makes sure you’ll start at the right level.

Engage in common conversations and express your basic intentions and simple opinions. You’ll learn:

  • pronunciation fundamentals
  • key words for transportation
  • numbers, time and money
  • the most common verbs
  • useful colloquial phrases
  • ways to express feelings and preferences
Express yourself in more sophisticated sentences and strengthen your listening skills. You’ll learn:

  • useful expressions and idioms
  • particles and contractions
  • relative clauses
  • topics of your choosing, such as family, work, hobbies, etc.
Get you think and express yourself and begin to recognize some Chinese characters. You’ll learn:

  • up-to-date idioms, slang, synonyms and antonyms
  • how to recognize common Chinese characters
  • how to understand and speak in formal manner

Course Fees


2 Students

3 Students

4 Students

15 hours

HK$450 / hour

HK$600 / hour

HK$750 / hour

30 hours

HK$400 / hour

HK$550 / hour

HK$700 / hour

45 hours

HK$350 / hour

HK$500 / hour

HK$650 / hour

All rates are per group and inclusive of course materials. Transportation costs will be additional if tutors are required to conduct lessons at your home or workplace.

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