Survival Cantonese Course for English Speakers


Our 8-week Survival Cantonese Course is designed to quickly equip you with basic, practical Cantonese. This course is meant to be short, sweet, and aimed at taking away some of the anxieties caused by daily life in Hong Kong.

Why Choose the Survival Cantonese Course?

Our Survival Cantonese Course will help you to feel more at home. Whether you just arrived or you’re a veteran expat, knowing a little bit of Cantonese can go a long way towards enjoying all that the city has to offer. Our aim is to:

  • remove the anxiety out of everyday transportation and shopping situations
  • teach you to speak Cantonese in day-to-day interactions
  • give you the chance to elect topics that suits your life and interests

Course Description

The Survival Cantonese Course is a basic Cantonese course conducted in the following format:

  • small class sizes of 3 to 5 students
  • conducted over 8 weeks (1 lesson per week, each lesson lasts 2 hours)
  • the survival course consists of 6 required topics together with 2 elective topics (see below) of the students’ choice
6 required topics
  1. basic pronunciations
  2. introduction & greetings
  3. time & dates
  4. money & counting
  5. transportation
  6. food & ordering
plus 2 elective topics
  • leisure: weather & sports
  • work place: office
  • clothes: clothing types & styles
  • places: landmarks in Hong Kong & countries
  • food & drink: popular local & western dishes
  • culture: familial names & festivals

Course Fee


Course Fee

16 hours of classroom instruction


The above rate is per student and inclusive of course materials. Classes are to be held in our center.

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