Private Cantonese Tutoring for Mandarin Speakers


If you speak Mandarin, our focus of teaching will be different. Our specially designed course materials for Mandarin speakers will help you get comfortable with the extra tones used in Cantonese and adapt to the differences between the two.

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Why Private Tutoring?

Each student’s story (or even accent) is unique, and we like that challenge. Private tutoring allows you to:

  • fine-tune your tones and accent to speak it the way a local does
  • parallel the two languages and recognize their differences in grammar and terminology
  • choose your preferred teaching language - we can teach classes using Cantonese, Mandarin or English, or a mixture of these
  • control the pace of the course to optimize your learning
  • organize classes around your schedule, especially if you travel often

Course Description

The free trial lesson is your first step to let us address your needs. The following is what we’ll do during our course for Mandarin speakers:

  • introduction to Cantonese pronunciation and how a Mandarin speaker can adjust to them
  • conversation in 9 common real life scenarios
  • commonly used vocabularies, expressions and slangs that are unique to Mandarin speakers
  • regular practice on adjusting accent, a bit at a time
  • explanation on grammars and usages that are special in Cantonese
  • special topics that you’d like to go into details

Course Fees


Individual Tutoring Rates

15 hours

HK$320 / hour

30 hours

HK$280 / hour

45 hours

HK$240 / hour

All rates are inclusive of course materials. Transportation costs will be additional if tutors are required to conduct lessons at your home or workplace.

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