Course Fees

As a language center, we’ll help you “take the can’t out of Cantonese” through our private tutoring, group tutoring, or Survival Cantonese Course.¬† The following lists out our fees for these different courses:

Private Cantonese Tutoring

Read more about our private tutoring for English speakers and private tutoring for Mandarin speakers.


Individual Tutoring Rates

15 hours

HK$320 / hour

30 hours

HK$280 / hour

45 hours

HK$240 / hour

Group Cantonese Course

Read more about our group courses for English speakers and group courses for Mandarin speakers.


2 Students

3 Students

4 Students

15 hours

HK$450 / hour

HK$600 / hour

HK$750 / hour

30 hours

HK$400 / hour

HK$550 / hour

HK$700 / hour

45 hours

HK$350 / hour

HK$500 / hour

HK$650 / hour

Survival Cantonese Course

Read more about our Survival Cantonese Course.



Course Fee

Survival Course

16 hours of classroom instruction


All rates above are inclusive of course materials. Transportation costs will be additional if tutors are required to conduct lessons at your home or workplace.

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